50 Unique Interior Design Ideas that will take your house to another level

A house is transformed into a home when you fill it up with a joy looked forward to each day. The relaxation a home brings as soon as you step in, is incomparable to any other place in the universe. The peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of your home enhanced with unique interior design ideas will fill your heart with delight and comfort after a long day.

Upgrade your apartment, whether small or big, with these wonderful ideas we will be presenting for you. Yes, some of them may feel extravagant with their grandness. Nevertheless, we’ve got you covered with varieties of unique interior designs, including those within  limited budget, without compromising on its beauty. 

Build a Family Tree

The best way to keep your memories close would be displaying them in your home, while decorating your walls. 

This would be a constant reminder that your loved ones are right there with you, even when you feel alone. It will boost your spirits constantly without taking up too much space or time. 

  1. M.C. Escher Inspired Floors 

Here’s a unique interior design which will please you every time you step into the house. These interlocking wooden floors are easy to assemble, and give an interesting touch to the otherwise monotonous tiled floors. 

Give an extra edge to your home with these out of the box floor tiles.

  1. Attractive Colourful Rug

Bored of the normal everyday rug lying in the living room of our house? 

Spruce it up with this home interior design photo presenting a fascinating rug shaped up in colour blocking circles. It will not only bring comfort, but will also fill up any room with joy. 

  1. Ceiling Library

This one is for all the book lovers craving for a secluded spot to read quietly. Look around no farther, and build a little library in your ceiling, without taking up too much space. 

Transform it into a cozy place and isolate yourself from the hustle bustle of the house as you read your favourite books in an attic designed just for you.

  1. Multi-purpose Staircase

Ever thought you could convert your staircases into a different purpose? 

This unique interior design will help you out with extra space in your house for storing items as you transform the space beneath the steps into drawers. This hack is an ideal must if you are running low on storage space for a small apartment. 

  1. Old Tower Clock Window

If you’re looking for some extravagance, ths home interior design photo will definitely brighten up your room. The walls transformed into a huge window clock will never miss your eye. Resembling an old tower clock, it will instantly upgrade the look of your living room as the sunlight passes through, lighting up every corner of the house. 

  1. Colourful Stickers on Walls

You don’t need to be a professional artist to decorate your plain white walls. You can buy some really interesting colourful stickers and arrange them on the walls as you please to your heart’s content.

Let the kid in you freely play around with these unique interior design ideas for your walls. Liven up the walls for your living room with some tree branches and birds stickers, or your bedroom with starry stickers. 

  1. Transparent Walls

Let the outside world breathe into your house and enlighten it with a nice view in your bedroom or living room. This hotel room-like adaptation in your house will escalate its overall appeal. 

These transparent walls are the ultimate change you’re looking for, with its advantage of giving a new look to your home.

  1. Headboard Aquarium

For a peaceful night’s sleep, bring nature’s finest creatures right beside your sleeping spot. An aquarium around your bed will ensure a restful night, as you dream your worries away. While surrounded with a soft and rich blue light, the colourful fishes and underwater plants will fill your bedroom with a serene atmosphere. 

  1. Swing While You Dine

Swinging is loved by all, no matter how old you get. Unleash your childhood memories by swinging while you dine at your house with this elegant masterpiece.

The guests will surely love it, as the swings transform the monotonous activity of dining with some swinging!

  1. Starry Night Floors

This is one of those interior design unique ideas which will bring the night sky right to your apartment, lighting up the floors with a sparkle. Their easy installment through LED Fiber Optics will automatically transform any room into a satisfying view as you sleep with the stars. 

  1. Colourful Sunlight

Give the windows a new touch with colourful glass swatches combined together, reflecting the sunlight in radiant beams upon the floors and walls of the house. The effect of this natural light will liven up any room and you will always have a vibrant morning. 

  1. Secret Room Behind Bookshelf

Rotating doors revealing a secret room behind your bookshelf is a must if you love private isolated times. Enclosed within the walls, your room will always remain specially secluded for your pleasurable reading time. 

  1. Rippling Liquid on Walls

Surprise yourself with these astonishing walls giving an optical illusion of rippling liquid. It will seem so realistic you might have to feel it to make sure it’s just 2-dimensional. 

Unlike other optical illusions, this one will definitely leave you with wonder and amazement. 

  1. Hammock-like Bathtub

Bring the most pleasant and cozy style of sleeping in your bathroom with this hammock shaped bathtub. Its unique shape will allow you to bathe with ease while resting our back in a comfortable position.

Its enjoyable feeling will surely make you look forward to it everyday.

  1. Ghost Table

This unique coffee table seems to be delicately suspended in the air with a transparent cloth like structure draping the table top. Filled with an unknown sense of eeriness, this ghost table will definitely amp up the look of any room. 

  1. Jungle Room

Transform your room into a jungle of wild trees with a single click. This super easy idea is achievable with this interesting chandelier reflecting light in the walls of your room. 

The shadow of trees comes live within the room when you switch off all lights except the chandeliers’. Relish a jungle room while seated indoors. 

  1. Skateboard House

Enjoy skateboarding through the city? Bring its thrill right into the living room of the house with this skateboard ramp. Practice those daring moves with an action-packed room.Show off your stunts like a pro! 

  1. Rock Wall Art

Arrange some rocks in an interesting style and create cave art in your own home. Give it the unique historic touch for everyone to admire! 

It will look magnificent in your living room, and will be a great background for pictured memories too!

  1. Dizzy floors!

If you install these floors, they might leave you confused every time you walk on them. The optical illusion creating a depression-like hape on the floor will trick your mind easily.

This fun illusion will not only uplift the loo for your desired funky home, but will also stop kids from running down the hallways and hurting themselves. 

  1. Private Corner

Give yourself a private corner in your house where no one can disturb you as you sit by the window in this cozy reading nook. Spend some time with yourself by the sun.

Allow yourself some me-time while collecting your thoughts in this spot designed for an escape from the hustle-bustle of everyday life. 

  1. Glass River Table

Bring a stream of water running right through the table in your house with this entertaining idea. As solid as the table, this river like appearance will enhance the look of the otherwise plain wooden table.

It’s not so difficult and even you can implement this idea yourself! All you’ll need is some wood cutting tools and an epoxy resin kit including the shades of blue. You can even decorate it with some little rocks to replicate the sea bed. 

  1. Tree at Home

If you’re an adventurous person who loves hiking trails and sleeping under the trees, you are going to love this home interior design photo. Bring the outdoorsy nature indoors by simply building your house around a tree. 

Let nature breathe free by minimizing the loss of a tree. Your mornings will always be cheerful with merry birds chirping around the house. 

  1. Indoor Hammock

Are you tired of sleeping on the bed and sitting on chairs all day long? Increase the comfort of your house with these hammocks at home, one of our unique interior designs. 

Super easy to execute, and fitting with a fixed budget without trouble, you will always have a rocking sleep. 

  1. Floating Fireplace 

Here’s a chance to make the most basic place of your house look cool and modern. A fireplace suspended in mid-air!

This will not only keep the house warm, it will also allow you ease of access unlike bending down to set the logs in the traditional low fireplace. 

  1. Dripping Chocolate Table

All chocolate lovers will be excited by this design replication chocolate dripping from one side of the table. Looks like real chocolate, doesn’t it?

The chocolate drips have been smartly designed to be the 4th leg of the table so it doesn’t topple over. 

  1. Wavy Lights

Make your house look a bit more artistic by opting for some LED lights instead of tubelights. These lighting fixtures are the best of both worlds – decorating your house as well as lighting it up!

Play with some light and shadows and make the house look a little enchanting. 

  1. Cosmic Walls

These mesmerizing designs on your walls will make your eyes go wide with awe. Their depiction of the space, galaxies and the stars will bring solace to your nights. 

They will also help you power your inner self as you spend your time meditating, losing yourself as you float through space. 

  1. Ammonite Inspired Washbasin

Do the shape of fossils interest you? Do you like collected seashells on the beach? Then you will definitely want this spiralling ammonite inspired washbasin in your house. Watch the water trickle down the curved edges of this washbasin as you go about your regular chores. 

  1. Shadowy Lights

This is one of the lighted interior design unique ideas which will enliven the walls of your house. The light emanating from the perforated design of the lamps will cast its shadows on the walls. 

Their exceptional design will bring modern vibes to the rooms of your house. 

  1. Sparkling Table

Fill your room with flickers of light dancing across the floors, walls and ceilings with the Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table. The beautiful and unpredictable display of triangular lights scattered through the walls are created by transparent coloured glass in geometric prisms arranged within the structure of the table. 

Add a bit of flair to your space with this one of a kind sculpture.

  1. Glow in the Dark Walls

You’ll never need the night lights if you can make your walls glow in the dark. The unbelievably rich blue light radiating from the painted murals will enhance the appeal of your room. 

You can even opt for glow in dark stickers consisting of stars spread across the ceiling, and sleep under the light of the night sky in your room. 

  1. Indoor Treehouse

You don’t have to worry about the weather anymore when you want to play in the treehouse outdoors. This enchanting playroom indoors – decorated with painted clouds, skies and trees on the ceilings and walls – will be sunny everyday.  

No bedtime complaints anymore as you can even turn the natural looking tree house into a bunk bed for kids!

  1. Creative Window Blinds

Install these innovative black out roller blinds designed by “Better View” replacing your simple blinds. The brand name literally describes the product, as you can see the city scape it brings to your room by rolling the blinds down. 

You will not only ever be disturbed by the sun when you wish to sleep in the morning hours, but also, their design will never bore you of your window view.

  1. Picnic Table 

Bring the rural picnic experience to an urban residence with a grass table top. Set up a tiny garden with the real grass, soil and stones included with the folded lightweight aluminium table top and legs. 

The life of the grass depends upon how you choose to maintain it. But not to worry, since fresh sod is available all year round. 

  1. Bicycle Sink

Cleverly repurpose your old bicycle into a piece for design beneath the sink. The ideal modern bathroom design will add a vintage look as well as work as a functional towel rack. 

The leather grips of the bike, accessorized completely with a basket and pump, is suitable for retro shabby chic decor, creating an unusual bathroom furnishing. 

  1. Moss Wall

A living plant and artistic masterpiece can be created in the walls of your house to beautifully portray nature. 

If you’re looking for an indoors moss wall, you might as well go for a preserved one, which neither requires too much maintenance nor damages the walls. On the other hand, you can install a living moss wall outdoors without much worry. 

  1. Glass Floors Over Water

Add a luxurious touch to our living room by adding these glass floors with a pond underneath. The surreal look as the sea creatures swim by beneath your feet will amaze your mind. 

You can even go for a swim without leaving your house. 

  1. Abstract Walls

This DIY project looks truly marvellous and is completely effortless and straightforward for anyone. All you have to do is stick masking tape on the walls to section out areas for different colours, and then set about with a paintbrush. 

The masking tape allows all mistakes of colouring outside the lines. Once done painting, peel off the tapes and voila! 

  1. Galaxy Rug

Transform magnificent celestial shows into heavenly rug designs with dazzling colours and sparkling highlights. The radiant rug is as comfortable as it is spectacular. 

The unknown space can be brought to your house with this exceptional and affordable galaxy rug. 

  1. Bubbling Table 

Remember the soap bubbles we blew as children? Bring back the nostalgic memories with this bubbling table unique design capturing the lightness in the air.

Blown glass consisting of balls of murano float upon a Versailles parquet floor depicting rising bubbles to the surface of the table. 

  1. Mosaic Bathroom Walls

Turn the walls of your bathroom into a scenic mastery with mosaic tiles combined together revealing under the sea creatures and plants. The brightly coloured tiles will take you sea diving as you step in through the doors. 

Let your imaginations run wild with the decor. 

  1. Sleep Under a Canopy of Trees

This modern luxurious wooden style bed will upgrade our bed into a fairytale like structure. The bed posts are customised to resemble apple trees towering above the bed. Their interesting design brings a forest right to your bedroom. 

  1. Moons in the House

The intense and bright rays emanated from the huge sphere on the ground will depict the light of a moon across the room. The uneven and soft luminescent qualities upon the surface of the moon are brilliantly replicated in the structure.

This metaphorical lamp is not only a work of art, but is also equipped with fully functional and efficient lighting. 

  1. Amethyst Table

Designed to replicate giant, glistening geode slices, this table is handmade with resin, paint and real crystals. Cast on a bronze base, the eye-catching tables look like real slices of agate. 

Adorn your house with these inspiring crystals spread across the design of the table. 

  1. Pirate Ship Bed

Install this magnificent pirate ship inspired bed to get a realistic experience of being out in the sea. The wooden structure, ropes and ladders accurately replicate the shape of a kraken pirate ship. 

Sail through the seas with an eye patch for an authentic pirate look!

  1. Musical Lighting

Harmonize your room with a ‘DAL’ ambient lighting system with another one of these clever unique interior design ideas. For all minimalists, this light is capable of playing music with Bluetooth connectivity, and provides optimized illumination to your room. It even gives you the choice of placing it as a hanging lamp or a floor lamp. 

Let go of the traditional speaker system, and dive into a tranquil atmosphere with this dual characteristic light.

  1. Chair Bookshelf

These unique shelves installed within the structure of a chair allows you to read your favourite stories without getting up to fetch your books. Additionally, its space saving feature is also commendable, fitting all your treasure novels within the wooden shelves in the chair.

  1. Dining cum Pool Table 

If you’re a fan of playing pool, but can’t afford the space in our home to buy one, here’s the solution for your worries! This multi-functional wooden dining table doubles up as a pool table to entertain your guests after dinner!

Shoot some balls around and enjoy the club parties hosted at home thereafter!

  1. Slide At Home

Sliding down is not just favoured by kids, but also by adults everywhere. Start the morning with a thrill and use the slide to glide downstairs gracefully. 

Bring back the childhood days in the park with this easy installment. 


That’s all Folks!

We have mastered the skills of interior design and made this list to turn your home into the place you love the most. Returning home will be the new vacation every evening after an exhausting day at work. 

We look forward to your incorporations and modifications of these 50 unique interior design ideas at your home. Have fun renovating!



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