Best Interior Design Ideas for Small house

Best Interior Design Ideas for Small house

The place where we live influences our life more than often. Surprised? We don’t think you will be after reading this blog. The cozier the home, the more relaxed and snuggly you would feel. You’d rather not prefer returning to a congested space every evening, exhausted from a long day, just to notice everything messed up around the house. 

It’s quite a challenge really, decorating a tiny apartment. So we’re here to make your life easier and simpler by providing a few interior design ideas for small houses to live by. 

Let’s start the festivities of merry renovations!

The renovations we will suggest are not going to be as heavy as they sound. Our interior design ideas will have you longing to return to your home every evening, rather than cribbing about its limited space. Not only that, they will keep your house well organized and perfect for a warm Sunday afternoon when you’re expecting guests.

Here are a few perfectly suited interior design ideas for small house which you could easily replicate in your abode. 

Blissful Walls

best interior design ideas for small house
best interior design ideas for small house

It might have been quite a long time since you took a trip home. Don’t worry, we’ve got a trick under our sleeves to make you feel more homely at your place. Here are a few of the best interior design ideas for adorning your walls :

  • You could walk down the memory lane as you frame and hang your most precious photographs with your family and friends up on your walls. We guarantee this will melt your heart every day you wake up.    
  • If your house is small, but you want a place for your trophies and awards, we suggest tiny niches on the wall would be a perfect place to show off your achievements. Modernize your apartment and add yellow lights along with the niches to focus on them, and make you feel proud of your accomplishments, even on a bad day.
  • If you would like to make your house appear bigger, just personalize it your own way, and add a huge painting on one of your walls. It will surely create the illusion of a larger space.
  • Last but not the least, another way to trick the eyes would be by installing mirrors to reflect light, and making the room appear to be twice its size. A glamorous look to be easily achieved in an affordable range as per your budget. 

Maximize the floors!

Floors - interior design ideas
Floors – interior design ideas

Here’s another one of the interior design ideas you can use to your advantage. Bring in a large, soft rug, of the material you’d prefer, and spread it across the floors. Thi will not only make the place feel expansive, but you’ll also always have a warm feel at your toes. 

Let there be light!

Tiny windows in a small apartment don’t do the justice it needs. Replace them with large windows, extending upto the ceiling, and you’ll always have a sunny day with the abundance of light at your home. It will also make your house more roomy and airy, which is just the touch of magnificence your house is waiting for!

Don’t forget the curtains! Bring in large curtains with neutral colours for those vast windows, and let them do their magic of transforming a tiny house into a bigger apartment. 

Bring down the walls!

Bringing down the walls will add a lot of room to your otherwise small apartment. You will definitely be more at ease when you have only one large bedroom instead of multiple rooms. For once, you could avoid the pain of bumping into walls unnecessarily! You will also end up having some extra space when entertaining guests.

Live Minimally

Live Minimal - best interior design ideas
Live Minimal – best interior design ideas

Smartly furnishing your apartment will be one of the best interior design ideas for small houses you can easily incorporate. No, this is not just about purchasing less furniture because you have limited space. This will be about purchasing the right kind of furniture matching with all kinds of needs for your day-to-day life. 

  • Instead of one large sofa, we recommend placing a settee in your living room, saving all the otherwise occupied space around you. 
  • Another option if you’re in love with large sofas, would be to opt-in for a bed cum sofa, and create the perfect movie night right in front of the TV. Yes, you could snooze as you binge-watch the episodes on the big screen all night long.
  • We suggest you go for low seated furniture at the same eye levels, of having some merry conversations when friends come over to visit. Moreover, the ceiling will appear to be higher when you sit low, creating an extra illusion of an expansive place. 
  • When you’re out to buy desks and chairs, why not opt for foldable desks which will be one with the walls, or chairs sets which you can disappear underneath the table. These space-saving furniture tips will be in handy when you want to walk freely around the house. 
  • Is the storage area falling short for your items? Multipurpose furniture is there to lend you a helping hand with storage compartments within beds, tables, or even staircases!
Live Minimal best interior design ideas for small house
Live Minimal – best interior design ideas for small house

These space saving tips will really come in handy for reaching out to all your necessities in a minimal way. 

Eliminate dark corners

eliminate dark colors - best interior design ideas
Eliminate dark colors – best interior design ideas

Light up every spot in your house to bring out the best in each and every corner. Use wall and ceiling flights instead of table top lights to minimize the overall space usage. The extra space you save can be great for your books and magazines. Not only will appropriate lighting save some space around the house, but it also comes with the powers of setting a good mood and making any room appear larger. You will notice an increase in your productivity skills with better lighting.

Colors matter too

It goes without saying that colours influence your mood a lot during the day, and it’s best to use tonal colours with neutral shades around the house with maybe a single dark coloured statue or vase to create an interesting contrast. Use shades of the same colours to create an interesting effect across the walls, curtains, bedsheets, and sofas. The brighter the colours, the lighter will be your mood. 

Add some greens

Add some greens - best interior design ideas
Add some greens – best interior design ideas

While it’s important to add some greens to your diet, it’s just as worthwhile adding some greenery to your home as well. Use the vertical walls of your balcony to hang some plants if you have less space. You can even add a tiny green corner in your house to create a more lively look. The freshness of air which will come along with the greenery will definitely be worth a couple extra bucks.

Let’s start redecorating!

What are you waiting for? We have put our best minds together and provided you with the best interior design ideas one could wish for. Create magic in your tiny home with attractive delusions sprucing up the place into making it seem more spacious. Wow, your friends and colleagues with the interior designer in you, for these tips will make you appear as a professional decorator. They will not only easily fall into your budget but will be of great convenience when you put them to the test of use. 

Hope you enjoy the thrill of being the master of your house, transforming its look into your little dream home. 

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